“We know or we should know of the intense psychological, often permanent trauma that can be and is inflicted by removing children from their families and placing them with strangers. Every time we move them that trauma is compounded. If the strangers we place them with are not extraordinary human beings the trauma is compounded more. ” Senator Alan Clark

“There are enough cases out there of the state making egregious mistakes to place the State of Arkansas on the Child Maltreatment List, I think. The state can appeal, but that is one case where I would like to be the administrative law judge.” Senator Alan Clark

Egregious means “outstandingly bad; shocking”. Synonyms are, “shocking, appalling, terrible, awful, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, outrageous, monstrous, heinous, dire, unspeakable, shameful, unforgivable, intolerable, dreadful, or grievous.” Daily I am in touch with people, who in my opinion, have been egregiously abused by the state welfare system. A couple evenings back, a friend said that until our case, he had always thought that the welfare system was a good thing, helping many needy children. What has been your experience? I would like you to post your experience with CACD and DHS in Arkansas. Do you believe that the State of Arkansas should be on the Child Maltreatment List, because of their egregious neglect and abuse of children? Sound off!
Bro Hal Stanley

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