Our Providence


The world is full of war, fury and strife.  So much is wrong in the world, and sometimes we suffer immensely, nonetheless, when we walk by faith we see only Jesus crowned with glory and honor!  All can be calm and peaceful, even joyful, and suddenly tragedy comes.  Do we despair? No, we look to Jesus,  King Jesus was so precious on that night on of January 12, 2015.  While we were awaiting dinner guests, the door bell rang and a nightmare began which still lingers.  False charges had been made against our family, and although we were innocent, it would take us twenty one months to clear our name.  Our family was humiliated, had great pain administered to us in many ways, and were greatly abused by a so called “Child Protection Service” gone amuck!  Tyranny?  Yes, they had the money and the guns.  They had our children as hostages for all those months and we had to endure all their wickedness or never have our children again.

The innocence of this small boy (my dear four year old son) was stolen from him at this moment and the wounding would continue for months.  He was innocent, and his parents were innocent, but persecution had come.  These armedPolice taking small boy men were kidnapping my child, along with six other siblings, right in front of me, and I could not do anything about it.  I am told that there was a thirty man task force outside, who were sent to take the children.  Why?  A vicious, anonomous, and erroneous phone call to the DHS hotline.

The blessing of the lord


With nothing but the promises of the Bible and the Indwelling power of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, we built this place.  We had Home Worship, Home Education, Home Health, Home Birth, and Home Business.  The children had no vaccinations, and no doctor visits for over twenty years until the government invaded our home and committed untold damage to our precious family.


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