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We spent several days debating what we would call what we are doing. This is the title we kept coming back to until we were sure that it accurately says what we seek to accomplish. What happened to us, the Stanleys, should never happen in a free society. Be sure though, that what we are doing is not just for, or about the Stanleys. If if happened to us, it could happen to any family. It is happening to many in Arkansas and across the nation. If you are not familiar with what has happened to us, please update yourself by:  Googling Arkansas Stanleys, seven home school children taken, or just Stanleys.    Visit and search “Stanley”, and “Alan Clark” or “Arkansas Attorney”.  Check our Facebook accounts: Hal Stanley; bringthestanleykidshome and Joe Churchwell.

Although it is the Stanley Accountability Campaign, it is not just about Stanleys.  We desire a movement which would touch every family, home school, and church in Arkansas. Our families are worth fighting for!


Soon it will be three years since our children were taken away by armed me to a destination unknown to us.  As of now, no one has been held accountable for the abuse against our family.   On the night they kidnapped our children, we cooperated in every way we could and my wife even offered the captors to have supper with us before they left. Remember that supper was on the stove and we were expecting dinner guests. We have tried to be civil and cooperative in every way with the authorities, knowing all the time we were innocent. After nearly three years, and tremendous cost to my family, we have been found totally innocent in the courts. No reason has been set forth to justify the horrors against my family.


If I did to your family what they did to mine, I’d be in jail! And yet, to this day, to my knowledge, not one person has been reprimanded, fired, or in any way held accountable for the actions they took against the very people they are paid to protect, that is we the people. They must be held ACCOUNTABLE! We have started this campaign to demand ACCOUNTABILITY. Please join us and help us.

We have begun a Campaign, or an orderly strategy to awaken, inspire, and motivate the change we need in Arkansas to hold accountable those who work for “we the People”. Think of that! Everyone involved in the organized attack on my family were paid by you and me. We hired them, and we pay them to protect “we the people”. When they attack “we the people” unjustly, we are responsible to hold them accountable.


We are working on a three front campaign. First, we want to engage the Social Media in a mighty awareness movement.   We want to enlist everyone who has a computer, tablet or phone to engage everyone in Arkansas  and awaken our people to a burning awareness of the egregious activities of our government against the families of Arkansas. I meet very few people who know what is really going on in these areas. Second, we have filed a massive Federal Law Suit. This will be long and hard, and very expensive. We realize that it will be a long time before this case is over. Third, we plan an extensive educational effort to bring every one in Arkansas to an acute sense of their rights and responsibilities as “we the People”. When the government acts in an unlawful way toward us, we must, in keeping the First Amendment, demand redress. The whole campaign will be a teaching campaign.


Today the most pressing need is funds. Our attorney Joe Churchwell says taking the depositions can easily exceed $15,000 so that is our first goal. You have been very encouraging to us for the last three years, and many of you have been excited about the law suit. That is good and we appreciate you empathy and your sympathy. Now we need you to go from your hearts to your pocket books. We must have funds now!   I know that it is a fact that many of the people who have been hurt, have little extra money.  People tell me they wish they had funds to give, but don’t.  To win this campaign we need either some wealthy people or corporations, or many many people sacrificing to give that $10 or $20.  Any money received from this case is way down the road. We greatly need a war chest now to carry the lawsuit to its fruition. Why should you give? Because you know in your heart that the system should be held accountable. Freedom is never cheap. If we do not stand up, who will? We are facing the heat. Will you help us pay the bills? Please donate by using the PayPal Buttons on this page.

 Or by letter to:

Hal Stanley

815 Treasure Isle Rd

Hot Springs, AR 71913


Bro Hal




 Redress Is The Fifth Right In the First Amendment

These funds go exclusively to  Campaign cost as they develop.

THE STANLEY SUPPORT FUND  These funds will be used to help supply the needs of the Stanley Family in their difficult years of battle with the oppressive government agencies.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  We can’t lead this Campaign without your help.



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